A few months back I attempted to get to the site of Fontaine. The ghosttowns description was pretty brief and stated it was unknown if anything remains.

"Known as the "Fontaine Grant", it does not show on any maps as far back as 1972. The land grant came from the Wisconsin-Florida Fruitland Corporation. Its in a swampy area, near a bend in the abandoned "Jacksonville, Key West and Tampa Railroad". This portion of the railroad was known as the "Enterprise Branch". The area is roughly in a straitline southwest from the intersection of I-95 and SR 5A. In a wildlife refuge.

It's inside the Brevard County Game Refuge, but unfortunately the road is gated and locked. There was a smaller dirt path but that was also blocked off.

As far as I could tell, this was the only paved road and I dont think there are any other official entrances. But there may yet be another way in and over to the Fontaine site and who knows what's left out there

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the road to Fontaine:
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