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    Exclamation Class action suit against Don

    Fellow members, how many of you have suffered severe side effects from viewing dwinslow's photos of ghost towns past? Do you suffer nostalgia, regret at not being able to see many of the sites today, wanderlust, drooling, shortness of breath, or envy?

    After viewing many of his photos I've developed an incurable case of wanderlust. I can't sleep well at night, and all day I dream about driving all over Colorado, Montana, California, Idaho, Washington, British Columbia, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Oregon to see these places. In the back of my mind I realize that most of these places have been dramatically changed over the past 40 years since he took the photos, and that threatens to drive me to depression.

    You may be eligible to claim compensation by joining our class action lawsuit against Don. Please contact my attorneys' office of Muckrake, Slander, and Slime. We will be seeking compensation for medication, counseling, suffering, and travel costs.
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    Say pardner. I'm sorta retired, but do continue my of counsel relationship with Dewey, Cheatum and How, of Tulsa, and the international firm of Dickum and Dunkem of Phoenix. Let me know if I can help. OJ and Associates

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    My eye sight has gone bad. I look at my house and all I see is a broken down log cabin in da woods. I go to get water from the little stream and my wife wonders where all the dirt came from that's in da sink. My landlord is kind of upset with me and is talking eviction 'cause of the mine that I started in the back yard. I went to rope the cow the other day and next thing I know, my neighbor is pressing charges...something about being tied up and kidnapped or something like that.

    My side effects are so bad, I've had to actually stop working my job at the psych. hospital and seek a room for 72 hours. The doctor said that zannex won't cure me, and does not know of any treatment available.

    I've even tried sarsaparilla in a dirty glass, but the bartender, who looks like a cartoon character, just called me a "varmit" and asked if a rabbit had put me up to telling him my story.

    I tried contacting the attorneys' office of Muckrake, Slander, and Slime and got some guy named J. Noble Daggitt...all he said was that I needed some "True Grit", whatever that is.

    I am seeking help in the form of someone here to handle my small claim as to this may be one of the biggest lawsuits since the O.K. Corral ordeal.

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    Since I began viewing Don's photos, I've come down with a number of symptoms and side effects.
    He never put a warning label on his work!

    Now I'm suffering from KSPES, and the nerve damage might be permanent. Kodak Slide Photography Envy Syndrome has no cure!
    The doctors say I might never stop twitching.

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    Hey, I will not be threatened, talked out of, bullied, intimidated, scared off or otherwise tricked out of posting this junk on here. Now, as far as J. Nobel Daggit is concerned, I give him the single finger salute. In regards to Darin going blind, we all know why that happened. Little boys have been warned about that stuff for years. Schiro, that bunch of yours resemble the south end of a horse going north. Bring 'em on. I've had lots of experience going to court with the likes of those clowns. The only one that worries me a little is OJ. He's kinda sneaky and might do an unprovoked attack, but again, with many, many years of going to court, I'm convinced that I can outwit those bumble footed bozos. Now, back to scanning more photos.
    Don Winslow
    Glendora, California
    Ghost Town Web site:

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    I've experienced some of the same symptoms. This syndrome has sent me into the depths of despair, in Texas we call it the "blue funk"........Speedy

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