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Thread: Pokerville, Wisc. Ancestor Search

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    Default Pokerville, Wisc. Ancestor Search

    From my great grandfather's obit I found that he was born in Pokerville, Wisc.
    in 1855. His brother was born there in 1857. The 1860 Blue Mounds census
    shows only my great grandmother and 2 sons. So it is probable that my
    great great grandfather died there. All I know about Pokerville so far is
    that it was the first city in Dane County. It had approximately 500 residents.
    Does anyone know the location of any records of the early residents of
    Pokerville? I am looking for information on Julia and David Christopher
    Hoagland. While still living in Dane County. Julia married Alexander Burns
    (possibly Barnes).

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    Didn't find any cemetery records for Pokerville, maybe they are included in Blue Mounds?

    If you want to email me I can send you the usual links and not clutter up the forum.

    One thing I have found that could be confusing is this: "
    Blue Mounds was twelve miles south of the settlement now started by Charles
    Wilson. Ebenezer Brigham had settled at Blue Mounds in 1828. A postoffice was
    established there the same year, and in 1832 a fort had been built to protect
    the settlers from the Indians during the Black Hawk war. A military road from
    Fort Wimiebago, now Portage, ran west to Prairie du Chien. In 1848 four-horse
    mail coaches, carrying from ten to fifteen passengers, passed Blue Mounds each
    way daily. Richard Wade kept a hotel called the Wade House, and he named the
    place "Pokerville" on account of the popularity of the game of poker among the

    There is another Wade house historic site in Wisconsin, built by Sylvanius Wade in Sheboygan County. Not the same one.

    Some day I need to get to Pokerville!

    Marriage Record Details Last Name: Hoagland First Name: Julia Day: 18 Month: March Year: 1862 County: Dane Volume: 01 Page: 0518

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    Just found a book with a little information on Pokerville. It's called Weehaukaja, A History of the
    Village of Barneveld and the Town of Brigham-Vol. 1. (There is no index in this book.)
    Information is found on page 29, and pages 41 through 46. On page 45 there is a list of
    business owners in Pokerville. I found several relatives I was looking for on that list. I thought
    the information might be helpful for anyone else doing a search.

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