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Thread: (site admins) How would you feel if I made my own web site similar to yours?

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    Don't worry Joe I don't feel horribly intimidated. A bit more wary yes, but it still sounds like an enterprise right up my alley. Being that I have absolutely no life, love being single, practically live in libraries and got tons of time on my hands. I'm spending tons of money on gas going to these places for fun anyways. I wouldn't do it if it wasn't fun.

    David's feedback is pretty important. This gets me thinking about making back-ups of the site. I should do that often to be on the safe side. I guess I always associated hackers with important sites like banks or news sites, but malicious grudges can develop anytime, anywhere.

    I do know a bit of HTML, not intimately like a pro. But it isn't as important anymore because building websites has changed a whole lot, even from how it was 5 years ago.
    It's kind of like the radical change from old IDE/PATA hard drives. You used to have to take a class on how to build a computer, how to configure master/slave or cable select mode. Jumper settings and the bios made it complicated. Your computer didn't load windows if you mistakenly put a plastic pin in the wrong slot! Now a days you just plug in a sata hard drive, viola! It plugs in, it works, you're done!
    There are website building sites now where you just drag and drop elements into the site. Slideshows can be auto-generated on photo hosting sites, with copy/paste code for it.

    I want to share my experiences, write about history and preserve what's left in photos. I'm no author and I'm no blogger. I think I'll tone it down one notch from Full Speed Ahead (to Half Speed Astern) to try and pace myself but I'm going forward.

    Thanks for the support guys, keep any suggestions coming I'm all ears.
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    You may want a few "staff" to help control what's posted on your web site...believe me, Joe will definately post his SPAM there as he does here!!!!

    (Good thing most of us like SPAM and beer!)

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    Go for it. Another good site would be welcomed.

    First - My hat is off to the administrators of this site for the great job done by them.

    I agree with many of your comments about this site. I also have found out from personal experience the monumental task they have in managing the site. I was really frustrated until I realized the major task it is to manage something with the visibility, number of hits, and then the forum. That occurred to me after I put my site up and it started to move up in the rankings. Believe me my site can't compare to this one. Suddenly I experienced some of the problems David Wright wrote about in his note. You can be overwhelmed at times. That is why I keep my site simple, no forum, and no ability to post to pages. I do accept stuff for postings but I do not ask for it on my site. Guest book only so I have time to monitor what gets posted. That even becomes a problem at times. It can easily become a full time job.

    My frustration resulted in my starting a web site. Nothing elaborate like you plan. Mine is a hobby site. Although I have a tip jar I am really not trying to produce any revenue from the site. It is also minus all the links, pop-ups and sales pitches. Just photos, stories, some history etc. Some people like it some do not. I find the ones that do like it are good people and I generally get encouraging words from them. The biggest complaint I get is “why no maps?” I have struggled with this one for some time. I see so many historical sites destroyed or looted that I have held fast to the rule. NO MAPS. I feel that if you care enough to research a place, as easy as it is today, then perhaps you care enough to leave it for others to enjoy.

    I need to redo my site. I am not a programmer and learned basic stuff myself but now some of the tools I use are obsolete so I have to move to a new platform. Not looking forward to that task. Over 12,000 photos.

    Good luck and I hope you have a great adventure building the site for all of us to enjoy. If you want to talk, send me a private message with a phone number.
    Visit Colorado Ghost Towns at

    No Sales pitch just plenty of photos and stories.

    "I led a quieter life before I got hearing aids." Mike


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