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Thread: Ainsworth town site Washington

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    Default Ainsworth town site Washington

    Originally posted by Ken

    : Does anybody know anything about the old railroad townsite of Ainsworth Washington? It was at the mouth of the Snake river. I am interested in knowing what kind of buisnesses where there and maybe a town plot map.

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    I am working in ainsworth right now. it is part of big pasco the rails or still there. I am unloading windmill parts off railroad cars on a track that is marked 1884, some original ties the rail dead ends just before it gets back to the new main line and crosses the snake. there is another bridge that crosses the columbia river near the same location. the town was build just to build those bridges. i do not see many foundation blocks around other than the rail road. i would not be surprised if big pasco did not total as absorb ainsworth. the main street through big pasco is ainsworth it dead ends into a road that goes to the state park.

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