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    Thinking on the big good Meals at Bagdad Cafe by sorting Photos.The owner of the Motel next to it is every Morning at the Cafe for Breakfast.The Motel is for sell.Out of my budget,sadly,as it looks as if the whole Route 66 down goes direction Ghost Town.
    by talking with People i only get some Bike rider thinking to travel Chicago to LA on the Route 66.
    Not even Greyhound offers a Line.Have to dropp them a @,i think,as i start planing my next Holiday.That Time without trouble,i hope :-)
    Also looking to get a small Property the Route along,i,my family and friends can use for Holiday.a old cafe,Gas station or somethings,no one invests in keeping it staying.
    Well,i know,its expensive to refurbish a Property,and you want get the Money back,but if i can use it for Privat Plessure it could be affordable.Just a remember on the old Time,and not a Ruine,falling slowly down.

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    You could not have put it more succinctly.

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