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    My name is Kristina Martinez and I am the Development Officer for the NMSU Library. Each year as a promotional piece for the Library, we create a calendar that features historic images from our archives. The 2011 calendar theme is Main Streets of New Mexico - A Look at the Past. We are considering a “Then and Now” option which would feature the historic photo from our archives as well as a recent photo of main streets in towns all over New Mexico. We have selected photos of Lincoln, NM, Mogollon, NM and Kelly, NM as the historic images to be featured for the months of April, June and November. I wondered if anyone might know of photographers that would have recent photos of the main streets of these ghosttowns that would be willing to send them to NMSU Library to be placed in the 2011 Library calendar? We would be glad to credit the photographer for the photo in the calendar. I can be contaced directly at . Thanks for any help that anyone can provide!

    Kristina Martinez

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    There was a member that frequented Mogollon on here awhile back. He went by "tuutuutango". Try using the advanced search using "older posts", I found 3 pages worth on "Mogollon" alone.
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