An old rancher, back in the days of the horse and buggy, discovered one day that birds had begun making their nests in the mane of his horses. He tried many things to keep the birds away from the horses. He tied ribbons in their mane in hopes of scaring the birds away, but they fell out. He cut their mane short, but it soon grew back again. He tried many things, but nothing worked. One day while talking to some of his [Ghost Town] friends in an OLD town about his problem, one [you know WHO] of them asked if the rancher had tried rubbing yeast into the mane of the horses. Well, he though that was pretty stupid, but he was desperate enough to try anything. He purchased some yeast and went home.

A month later he met the friend again, and was happy to report that the yeast had really worked. He had rubbed it into the mane of the horses, and the birds had left. He commented that he certainly didn’t understand why it had worked.

The old friend said, “ I thought everyone knew that ‘Yeast is Yeast and Nest is Nest, and never the mane shall tweet!”