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Thread: Mildred, Montana: An Unexpected Ghost

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    Mildred was also home to a large number of abandoned vehicles left to decay with the community.

    A circle 1940 Dodge coupe resting near the church:

    A 1957 Ford pickup left to die near an even older boxcar:

    A trio of old International work trucks gathered in a field:

    Easily distracted.

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    Great pics! The Dodge looks an awful lot like some of the old cars my dad drove. Way back when. My mother thought we should have a newer car and my dad insisted the old cars were built much better than the new fangled cars. He might have known something we don't.

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    Default Mildred, Montana

    this town needs to be added to the site

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    Default Family history here

    A large portion of my family lived in Mildred and grew up here. We still own 7 acres in this town and I can tell u just about whatever u wanna know about Mildred in fact one of your picture is of my great grandmothers house . I love seeing the interest in a town I know so well .

    Quote Originally Posted by Fairlane500 View Post
    While driving throught he farmlands of eastern Montana I knew I would pass through the little community of Mildred. From the map I had, it looked as if it would be a small town, loikely only a shell of a past self, but at least a town nonetheless.

    Instead, I found myself in perhaps the best completely ghost town I've ever encountered, with dozens of buildings standing, and not a resident, or sign thereof, in sight.

    Unfortunately, other than it being a community along the Milwaukee Road, now the BNSF, and that it once had a Post Office and school, there is not much out there about this little town-no-more.

    So, instead enjoy the pictures.

    Looking at Mildred from a distance:

    Individual derelict homes at Mildred:

    Expect many more of Mildred to come!

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    Default About Mildred, Montana

    I am fascinated by finding this site!! I just wanted to share the name and Author of a book I just finished reading, that mentions Mildred, Montana, as well as Ismay, Montana. It is an easy read and full of facts. The book is called "Homesteading" A Montana Family Album. Written by Percy Wollaston. I checked it out of my local library. I recently went on vacation to Wyoming and got interested in the Oregon Trail and the stories of the immigrants, and that is how I ended up at the library, looking for books about the pioneers. Hope this helps somebody. There are family photos of Percy included in the book, as he is telling the true story about how he grew up and settled in Montana.

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    WOW. What a nice place to live. I would love to live in Montana. Great find, great photos. I will look for Mildred MO next summer, we might camp there for a few days.
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