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    Was a Documentation on TV about the onliest unsolved Plane Hi-jacking Crime in USA.
    30 Year ago jumped one with $200000.- from a Boeing 727 above Ariel,Washington.
    i just wounder if he still hangs with his Parachute from a Tree.It's 50/50 to survive such a Jump in a Suit without being a experianced Parachuter,as its Cold above and 727 fly Fast.
    They talk about 10000 Feet and around 180mph,but no one knows when he exact jumped,and,when he was on the Stairs could Wind turbulences turned him over and over.
    Its also possible that he got a Faulty Parachute with just a FBI Flagg in it.
    Anywhy,they searched with Dogs but didn't find anything.As no one would take the Parachute with Home as Suvenier would i say he's still out there.
    He may be rodden out of his Clothes,but if the Bag with Money hangs on a Parachute from a tree were enough left to get anything from the Court.
    Don't know how much is written out,but mayght be ebough for Sight seeing Holiday in that Area.

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    DB Cooper.

    They found some of his money years later in a river. Matched the serials. There is a lot of speculation about who DB Cooper is/was. There is a skydiving instructor in Oregon who keeps getting interviewed; lots of people think he's DB Cooper. We may never know!

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