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    Hey! I am planning to go out to Panamint City this weekend and need help with detailed directions to it from 190. Can anyone help? Of not, is there somewhere I can buy a detailed map? I am so stoked and don't wanna get lost (like I did last time!) Thanks!
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    From CA190 turn south on Panamint Valley Road signed for Trona and Ridgecrest. That road junctions with the Trona-Wildrose Road in about thirteen or fourteen miles. Turn right (south), travel the Trona-Wildrose Road for about 9.5 miles to the signed road east (left) to Ballarat. Drive to Ballarat (base of the Panamint Range) in about 3.5 miles. Go north past the general store at Ballarat about 1.5 miles to the road up Surprise Canyon. Drive to the end of the road at what was once the Chris Wicht camp / Novack camp (burned down several years ago). Park, walk to Panamint City, about six or seven miles up the canyon. Above the waterfalls portion of the lower canyon (about a mile), the old road up the canyon is easily followed.

    The waterfalls section can be slippery, is very steep in places and requires careful footing to navigate, as there is always lots of water running down the canyon ankle deep and one is climbing bare rock. Best to have someone with you as a fall will likely lead to at least minor scrapes and bruises. Or more serious injury if you fall from more than your body height. Especially if you are loaded down with a backpack and gear.

    Good maps available at Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest; Interagency Center at Lone Pine or Furnace Creek visitor center or Stovepipe Wells. Topographic map software available from National Geographic (TOPO! state series) and Terrain Navagator online or at retail outlets. Buy the state of California map set for either. Benchmark or Delorme atlases available at the above locations or at most any convienience store in the US395 corridor or at Furnace Creek or Beatty.
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