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Thread: History of Ghost Towns and Historical Sites........Locations somewhat distorted.

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    Default History of Ghost Towns and Historical Sites........Locations somewhat distorted.

    Back in 2008 i was a bit dismayed at the information posted for Winton, Wyo. At that time I made such corrections as was needed but have been a little distraught at the listed locations of that and camps/towns in close proximity. I would like to correct the listing just a mite. As far as location is concerned, one would leave Rock Springs on Hwy 191 headed north. Just after crossing the railroad (spur to Reliance) you would take the right fork. I think this is/was SR4-17. A few miles had you pass a paved road to the right. This lead to Reliance, a good sized mining town which had all the conveniences; i.e., schools, post office, stores, etc. Further on, the next road off to the right would lead you to Stansbury, another mining town smaller and with only a boarding house, company store, etc. The next paved road off to the right of SR4-17 took one to the mining camp of Dines and, of course, at the end of SR4-17 you reached Winton. This camp, larger than Stansbury and Dines but smaller than Reliance, had a large company store, an elementary school, post office, boarding house (owned by my aunt), pool hall, doctor's office, and had an abundance of family homes. I have no idea as to the population but, in 1953, was a prosperous village. As for Superior, WY, not far over the hills from Winton, as the crow flies. This mining community was approximately the size of Reliance. One had to go east out of Rock Springs several miles before taking the Superior road, north, off US30. I also noticed that someone had mentioned the "iron mines" in Superior.
    This area never had iron mines of any sort......only coal. The Ghost Town Site, in my opinion, is second to none and I am greatly appreciative for the information listed. Occasionally, however, mistakes are made and it is up to those of us with local knowledge to suggest corrections.

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    On the Ghost Towns face page at the bottom left is a link that says "EMAIL US". Click on that and go from there to submit the new locations. You may have to do it twice as there is a spam guard in place, but after that, it should get corrected.

    Welcome to the forum, Capnmac!!!

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    Default Superior Wyoming

    I read your statement about Superior and was dissapointed in your lack of knowledge about this town. i myself have lived here my entire life and would like to share some of that knowledge with all of you. First Superior is not a mining town. it was originally named "White City", and is only in existance due to U.P.. Whenever U.P. started a mining town the workers and citizens would build just lutside of city limits for 3 main reasons, build brothels, bars and casinos. They would build outside city limits as U.P. wouldnt allow these structures to be built in fear of damage to their image. Then to make a longer story short, when they closed the mines they also movex the houses and buildings all over the state and country. what the writer saw in Superior is all that was White City. If they had followed main street north a 3 milez past the school and made a left they would fimd a familiar pattern in the sagebrush. If observed from the sky you can c these patterns arw actuallynthe old city blocks and a few foundations. If they followed main street approxamately 5-7 miles just past Mr. ?s house ( i dont remember his name) they would find the entrance to the largest coal mine west of the mississippi. Finally just as an added fact years ago Superior was actually supposed to be the capital of wyoming instead of Cheyenne. So if you plan to visit Superior make sure u find a more liable source as to what this town really was. If you have any questions or comments or a reference as who to talk to about a more in depth history on Superior i know a man who was born and raised in this town just before the hospital was moved to another town.


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    Does anyone have pictures of these towns and mining operations? Were the mines open pit, or shaft mines? I know there are large coal reserves in Wyoming at the present time, having seen photos of one seam approx 80' thick that is currently being mined.

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