So why did I start yet another thread? Let me explain.

I love the old ghost Towns and the history that goes with them. What is bothering me is the rate that they are disappearing. Although many of us, especially forum members, care about preserving them some do not. We research before we go, we take pictures and memories and nothing more when we leave. Some would just as soon loot the Ghost towns, take what they find, and damage the rest. Today’s internet and the means of travel all of us have access to make the problem worse.

Once in awhile a group comes to me via my web site, a personal call, or a chance meeting and asks for a link or help in their preservation efforts. I typical spread the word as best I can but I know what I am doing to help is not enough. I reach only a few people.

An example is the most recent one from Arizona. I have been here and it is a great town. Certainly worthy of any support we can give them. This is a copy of the note they sent me.

Hello - We are the Vulture Mine Preservation & Restoration Association in Wickenburg, AZ. We are trying to buy the mine preserve its history and stablelize the buildings. We are a 501c3 and on the net at would you allow us to link to your site. We need all of the exposure and support we can get. Thank You Ernest Mc Collum xxx-xxx-xxxx

What I am attempting to accomplish is to help these types of projects by having a visible thread on the Ghost Town forum dedicated to legitimate Preservation projects. One that anyone across the county could discuss, add their data, and for people to become aware of the need. If people are aware of the efforts by others, they would be more inclined to visit, contribute time, money or anything else that would help.
So I am looking for your support in adding your comments and your projects to this thread. Then help spread the word through your contacts. Just help to those groups and individuals that are actively attempting to preserve what we enjoy today for future generations.

Hey, I want to take my grandchildren to some of these places.