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    I just found this site while doing research for my dissertation--what a wonderful source of information!

    I'm wondering if some of you might be willing to help me with my research. I'm a graduate student in the University of Washington's history deparment writing my dissertation on Pacific Northwestern timber workers in the early- to mid-20th century. I am looking for people who lived in Northwestern lumber company towns to interview. Ideally I'd like to find people who lived in a lumber company town before 1950, but I'd be happy to talk to anyone who, at any time, lived in such a place. I'm not necessarily looking for timber workers--if you, or someone you know, lived in a company town as a child, or have any connection to a lumber company town, I'd love to talk.

    If you, or anyone you know, would be willing to agree to an interview (or have any questions about my research before you agree to an interview), please contact me at

    Thanks so much for you time!

    Take care,
    Steve Beda

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    I would suggest looking in to those who lived in Snoqualmie Falls. I know that there's a relatively active group who are into preserving the memories of the former company town.

    Some of the names in this article may be of use to contact for information. Also, it seems the Snoqualmie Valley Museum currently has an exhibit on the town, which may be of use. More info:
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    Hi Steve,
    I don't know anyone personally who lived in a company-owned town. You may already have the book "Company Towns of the Pacific Northwest."

    What I'd do is try and find Facebook Fan Pages for those towns listed in the book. You may or may not be able to find old'timers on Facebook, but you can often get in touch with their relatives that way and arrange interviews.

    I know it seems odd, Facebook for towns: but I found a lot of information about obscure salmon cannery towns of the Columbia River that way.

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    I've talked with several people from Valsetz Oregon.

    This is an town website that may facilitate some communication, the actual town is gone.

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