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Thread: Trying again Tinaja

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    I see where the Green Valley Hiking Club had a 6 mile hike scheduled this past January in the Tinaja Hills. Perhaps the trip leader could provide you with info?



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    Quote Originally Posted by fishing8046 View Post
    There he is Thank you
    Yes It was take last week. I'm not sure of what it is I think it looks alot like a church?
    I don't think it's a church.

    That's a fair sized building & the roof line is odd. The back wall, (right side) is higher than it would normally need to be for living quarters & the side walls all slope at the same angle to the lower wall height at the left. That's an odd roof slope.

    It's a puzzler...I just can't figure how dry placer mining would merit a permanent structure like this.

    That's a great old adobe ruin though, got any more shots? Any other ruins in the area?

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    Quote Originally Posted by east_coast_john View Post
    Ya got me but I'd like to know
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishing8046 View Post
    Let's see if I figured it out now
    Nice shot! Would love to see some more pics if you have them
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    Bryan10X, Vulture Nice to see the good guys are still around
    So here's the story this building is on the road into the Cat proving grounds It is appears to be fenced off from the road I am working out there but drive by this building every day and can't help but wonder what it is. I have attempted to research any history on the area but can not find anything There is another group of buildings some distance away it was a ranch. Tinaja Ranch there is one picture of it in the lobby but it say owners unknown 1900 is the date.
    the adobe in the picture has four rooms I will get some more picture soon. In the mean time any direction on the history would be greatly appreciated
    I am truly releaved to see that some of the good guy's still frequent the site
    Thanks again

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