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Thread: Riverview(Eureka) Mine, Imperial Wildlife Refuge, La Paz County Arizona

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    Default Riverview(Eureka) Mine, Imperial Wildlife Refuge, La Paz County Arizona

    I recently walked into this old mine north of Yuma Arizona in the far southwestern corner of the state. The mine which dates back to 1875 is aptly named as it is only a few hundred yards off the Colorado River channel. As might be expected from a recorded production of only 150 tons of lead, zinc, silver and gold ore, there isn’t a lot of mine development that is evident. One “grated” shaft, several open cuts, a wooden bin and a couple of concrete foundations are all that remain in the mine area. Closer to the river, is the main attraction, an old rock cabin that may date to the mine’s earliest days.
    Normal access to the mine is from a boat off the river. There are no roads into the site from the outside. I did walk into the area using sections of old jeep roads, sand washes and wild donkey trails to come down from northwest of the location. It was a very strenuous walk! The desert scenery along the way, however was spectacular!
    I have more photos and info posted at:
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    Super cool pics, thanks........Speedy

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    Nice pictures, Ernie! Surprised me when you said you hiked 7 miles and all that, and then a tour boat pulls up and people look around the mine, not breaking a sweat!


    Big Bear Lake, CA

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