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Thread: Vegas to Bodie and back via the long way!

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    Default Vegas to Bodie and back via the long way!

    Finally planning my summer vacation! With some help from David Wright and man others in the Nevada Backroaders group, I have finally came up with a route. I'm my daughter and 7 y/o gran daughter along. It will end up being about 800 miles and three days with two nights camping. So here is the plan so far:

    Leaving July 10 at about 0400. Heading straight to Goldfield. We'll spend some time there and hope to gain access to the hotel by then. From Goldfield we're headed up to Silver Peak then Blair. We'll head out from there to stop for a bit it Coaldale. From Coaldale we'll go to Candelaria and Belleville and off to Mina and Sodaville. We'll camp for the night either in Hawthorne or somewhere along Lucky Boy Pass. (not sure just yet)

    The next day we'll head across to see Aurora and Fletcher and down to Bodie. After we're done at Bodie, we're headed south to Big Pine to get 168 back over to Nevada and on to 266 to Lida and then on to Gold Point. Herb is going to be out of town but has already made arrangements with one of the town keepers for us to stop in and say hello. We're planning on camping at Stateline if the cabin is empty. If not, we may still stay in the tent there.

    That next morning we're headed out to see the Hardluck Mine castle and Rattlesnake mines and then to Belleville. After Belleville, it's back over to 95 and back home.

    The 7 year old doesn't know about the plans yet and we aren't telling her until the morning we leave. She is an avid hiker and is just fascinated with ghost towns and desert exploration so this is going to be a very special trip!

    I'll be sure to share a trip report when we are done!

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    Sounds like a great trip! I just bought a honda 400 atv (to add to our F350 Ford and 28' Trailer) and towards the end of this coming summer my wife and I are heading for central Arzonia... maybe we could you some of your travel notes in route to there. NOTE our starting point is eastern Washington heading south from there.

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    Sounds like fun! I haven't gone the ATV route yet, but as I have told other people, I keep pointing out that the empty toy hauler parked in my driveway needs a permanent resident.

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