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Thread: trip to Richinbar AZ help

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    Default trip to Richinbar AZ help

    First off...let me say that I love this site. I use it constantly as a reference for my photographic journeys around AZ, NM, and NV. Props to the site creator(s).

    Im planning on taking a half day/day trip to the area around Richinbar. I see that there are also a small handful of other old mining towns right in the immediate area. What is the preferred route to hit all of them in one day to take pictures. Which are must see and which are passable? I have a lifted wrangler so high clearance is no problem. Thanks and happy hunting!

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    From the map it seems like Bumble Bee, Cleator, Crown King and the surrounding places are nearby. You can take the main road off the I-17, or the road from Mayer and drive by old Cordes, Cleator ending in CK. I think that if you leave on the Bumble Bee exit you will go through Bumble Bee, Cordes, Cleator and finally Crown King, the Crown King exit might bypass Bumble Bee. The road from Mayer will not take you through Bumble Bee. That road is normally doable in a Corolla.

    I've heard the trail to Oro Belle is pretty rough. I don't know about the current status of the Senator Highway, it should be open by now, but I haven't made the full run to Crown King since last August, back then it was doable with 31-32" tires and decent ground clearance (we ran it with an 85 Toyota and a lifted TrailBlazer); the roughest part was I believe right before Palace Station (running from Prescott to Crown King).

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