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Thread: Wanted: Your Ghost Town Pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonneville Mariner View Post
    Leonids, great photos! Yes, I am past deadline, but might be able to get one or more of these shoehorned in. Would you mind if I try to submit jerome_museum01.png and jerome01.png? I'd need the original quality versions, but you'll be fully credited for each shot.
    Sure thing! Message me your email & I will send you the originals tonight when I get home! How exciting!

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    I've got a few photos from a ghost town in New Mexico (south of Albuquerque, near Belen). I'll have to contact my friend to find out what the name of it is... if you want photos. I'm debating driving up to Beatty tonight after work. Although, that means I won't be leaving Vegas until 11:00... If not, I might just head up early in the morning, maybe get some sunrise photos.

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    I did some research and found the ghost town in NM I've been to... it's Riley, NM.

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    I understand pics for the book have already been submitted, so this is on a slightly different tack.Next trip will be to Berlin and Manhattan, last trip was to Caliente and Delamar.
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