Can anyone provide me with recent information on Banner, Idaho?

I have the coordinates of its alleged location and have made two attempts to find it and have failed. My first attempt failed when I got lost on old forestry roads and lost the daylight (so I had to 'abort' and return back to Rt. 21). The second attempt was made too early in the summer and the roads were still blocked by snow.

Now that I've been thwarted twice, I'm sort of obsessed with making it there the next time I try--even if there's nothing left there.

So I have two basic questions (but am interested in any and all information folks may have on the current state of the town's remains).

Is the town still accessible or is it now on private land? (I noticed someone in another area of the forms stated that the site had been put up for sale).

For those who have been there, if the location information available via Google Maps is generally accurate, what's the best way to get there--by the southern route or the northern route?

Thanks all!