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    Default Town With Four Names

    While obsessively reading back issues of Desert Magazine, I came across an article, Town With Four Names, page 33. According to the article, this town was called White Horse, McClanesville, Ora, and finally Olinghouse, in Nevada, forty miles east of Reno, nine miles west of Wadsworth. I went and looked for the place at, and while there's a White Horse, its in southern Elko County. So, does anyone know about this town now? In 1969, three families still lived there, and the inference I make from the article is Wadsworth isn't a ghost town.
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    Looks like the town is at least there to the extent of a couple of buildings:

    Some more info on the site, the comments at the end provide some good guidance about what access is currently like.
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    Thank you Mr. Fairlane. I did a little searching after I posted, and discovered most of it has been fenced off because of vandals and illegal activity that was going on. Bummer.

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