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Thread: Heard of Luna Nevada??

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    Default Heard of Luna Nevada??

    My maternal grand parents were from Montenegro. They and and some brothers settled in Johnsville, California. I was up visiting recently and sent photo to of a great uncle's headstone that was written in cyrillic symbols in the old Herzegovinian, Montenegrin language to a cousin in Serbia to translate. It says that he died in Luna, Nevada. This would have been in 1918. He was 28, a miner, a causality of the flu epidemic. Has any one heard of a Luna or Moon Nevada? I would imagine he would have been in the Virginia City - Reno area, but don't know. Thanks!

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    There was a Luna Mine near Austin, Nevada, which could possibly be the location. or a Silver Moon Mine and Half Moon mine near Gold Point and Caliente, respectively. Otherwise, from post office data there is Luning near Hawthorne, and the only other similarity in meaning I've come across was Morningstar in Lyons County.

    Hope someone else can give you a more conclusive answer.
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    I used Google and came across this for a location:

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