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    Default Apex, CO

    Here is one I took of what is said to be the old Hotel in Apex, CO.

    Apex is located Northwest of Black Hawk, CO on Road 3.

    The author in my Ghost Town book called 'Ghost towns of Colorado' by Philip Varney is outdated, also his comments are wrong. The Hotel does not look like it was built in stages, but had changed in time to be covered in lumbered over the hewn logs. When comparing with the picture in the book you can see the side of the building had lumber, clearly now that it is missing you can see the hewn logs go all the way up. Also note the addition to the back of the building (obviously of a later constructions I would guess 60's) is no longer there, also the porch is no longer there. The book is from 1999, and my picture below is from June 29th 2011.

    Next door to the left looked like someone was fixing up and living in one of the old buildings. I assume they might have added the supports propping this oldie up, maybe they removed the porch and addition!!!! Interesting how things changed in 12 years.
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    If you want current books on Colorado Ghost Towns buy some of Kenneth Jessens Books. You can get them at most book stores and on line or at a discount on my site. More Apex photos and some background.
    Visit Colorado Ghost Towns at

    No Sales pitch just plenty of photos and stories.

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    I visited this site this smmer as well. During my trip it looked like someone was living there in an RV. For some reason I had a very strange feeling walking around and taking pics (being respectful of course), like someone was watching me. If any else has more information on the current status of this site, I would love to hear it. This is one of the first ghost towns I ventured to and actually will be visiting it this weekend during a Halloween trail run.

    Here are some pics of my visit:

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