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Thread: Helloooo <echo echo>

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    I was operating Excavators and Gradall when my Boss had the idea i shal doz the Soil away.
    It was dry,but under the Soil was Wetland,OK to push one forward,but on the Way back got the Cat more and more down :-)
    Now i better stick with what i can

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    I just recently completed cleaning up my Grandfather's old farm near Sacramento, CA: 3 acres that would qualify as a ghost town in its own right. He had collected 67 years' worth of junk and vehicles and farm equipment and you-name-it to the tune of 17 vehicles, 6 tractors, dozens of plows & farm implements, and tons & tons of garbage & scrap metal. So I spent every other weekend between August 2010 and September 2011 doing 1100-mile roundtrips between Las Vegas & his farm to cleanup. In addition to my full-time job. I haven't even had time to do anything around my own home. Contrary to what all the relatives who lived close by (but couldn't be bothered to help out, with the exception of my cousin who was a Godsend) insist on believing, there weren't any treasures there; the only treasures were the lifetime of memories that 3 generations of us have acquired growing up there.

    I tip my hat to you. Keep up the good work!

    Funny, ain't it? Those close by won't lift a finger to help, but when you do a thankless job they ask what their cut of the "treasure" will be.

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