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    Smile Dust Bowl Region

    Most of the western ghost towns on this site are boom-and-bust mining towns in the mountains. There are a wealth of old, dying towns on the eastern plains - from eastern Colorado to western Kansas, as well as the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles. Those probably outnumber the old mining settlements and they can range from half-populated to almost entirely gone.

    I am planning to take a trip to see some of these in the near future. One I'm especially interested in is Ramah, Colorado. Does anybody here know of any near it?

    I've been to Agate, Deer Trail, Genoa, and all those that are along Interstate 70. But there are some others south of there. Anyone heard of Karval?

    I'm using Google's "street view" to find interesting old towns not listed on this site.

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    No never been there. has Texas divided into different portions of the state,and lists ghost towns,in think also in different regions.

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    There are a lot of old towns that are barely hanging on in western Kansas, eastern Colorado, and the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles.

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    I remember stopping in a small town in Eastern Colorado in 1976 and can't even remember the name. Was on a trip back to SW Missouri with my Wife and her parents. We stopped to see a Brother of my Mother in Law on the way back to California. Even then I remember looking at the closed up brick buildings and thinking that the town was dying and that was 35 years ago. I looked at a map just now and still can't remember, maybe it was Kansas. All I remember is we were traveling on Hwy 50.

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