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Thread: Some sad News from the 45/70 Ranger

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    Default Some sad News from the 45/70 Ranger

    I received the message below from the 45/70 Ranger

    Hi Mike,
    Well,it's been one **** of a year,to say the least.
    I haven't been on the ghosttown forums.
    So much has happened.
    Yes, you can update the members.

    Well,Rosie,my G/F, took her last steps about January 25,11.
    In a nutshell,she was taken to Doctors Medical Center in Modesto,where we live.
    She was diagnosed with cancer.This was the first Wednesday of February.
    What was the real shocker,was the 2nd Wednesday of February; The surgeon came into her room,
    and told her nonchalantly "You have 2 weeks to live".
    That was too much for both of us. We broke down....
    Anyway,the pow-wow with the family and surgeon came the next day.

    Rosie was sent home,with Community Hospice providing her medications,baths,nurses...whatever we needed.

    In March (26,11),we were married by the Hospice Chaplain Scott.
    We didn't go anywhere.She was pretty much bedridden.

    April 7th,was another shocker:; I was taken by ambulance to Doctors Medical Center,with a mini stroke.
    The 2nd whammy was in the ER-"Did you know you have diabetes ?" "No"....
    I was going home the following Tuesday. My b-i-l picked me up.

    Anyway Mike,Rosie's son and me took care of her to the very end.
    She passed away October 19,at around 5/6:00 PM.
    One thing,she has wanted to be with me.
    Hughson Hospice-she was asked about going there for a short time.
    She said "I want to be with Richard".
    Rosie went,no pain.

    Funeral arrangements are Scenic Drive,St.Stanislaus Cemetery October 26 at 10:00AM.

    Mike,I don't know when I'll be back on.
    You are free to inform the members.

    You have a good weekend,and week.
    Visit Colorado Ghost Towns at

    No Sales pitch just plenty of photos and stories.

    "I led a quieter life before I got hearing aids." Mike


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    My condolences and prayers go out to Richard and his loved ones during this sad and difficult time in their life.


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    Our prayers and thoughts go out to Richard and family for their loss!

    Darin & Terresa

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    Sending thoughts and prayers to Richard and his family. I hope it helps a little to know we're thinking of him and his.

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    My condolences on your loss, but the bright side of this is that she proved the surgeon to be very wrong about two weeks remaining.

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