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Thread: New guy with a mine question.

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    Default New guy with a mine question.

    I receintly stumbled across this neat Forum and have been reading it as time allows. Thanks for putting it up!

    Anyway. A few years ago I went on a Jeep run with a local Jeep club. We went to Johnson Valley, Ca and one of our stops was an old mine. We went in (I know I know), goofed around in the dark and on my way out I grabbed a scoop of dirt in a Coffee can to pan out later at home.

    I've been bringing home dirt from places like this for 25 years and wasn't expecting much.

    Boy did I get a suprize when I panned the dirt out and had 2 small flakes of Gold!

    I spent the next 2 years going there on weekends and panning dirt from the tailing pile and from inside the mine as well as metal detecting the inside of it. I spent many nights after work smashing up rocks.

    BTW this is legal on BLM land as long as I'm not on a currant claim(I'm not) and I don't bring in a tractor or Dynamite. Of course they also warn you to stay out of old mines but they can't stop you from doing so.

    The mine looks to have been profesionally done. The haul tunnel is perfectly straight.

    I did lots of research and found out the name and it was a Gold mine up to 1942 when L-208 shut down the Gold mines.

    The haul tunnel goes in 400 ft then it intersects the vein and it follows the vein for 700 ft. I can't imagine that they did this much work if they wern't getting much Gold.

    Is there a way to find out if it actully paid off? Or how much Gold was pulled out of it?

    I've searched online and asked around but nobody I have talked to knows anything about it. The Barstow, Ca BLM office is no help.

    Thx, Chris.

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    You Goggled the name of the mine and nothing came up? Too bad. I agree, they wouldn't have done that much mining for nothing. I'm surprised they left pay dirt behind. Pyrite sparkles and gold shines.

    I lived in VV 40 years ago, but didn't mess around in Johnson Valley. Have fun

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