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Thread: Campo Bonito and Buffal Bill

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    Default Campo Bonito and Buffal Bill

    A little while ago, I posted a thread about Francis Mountain near Oracle Arizona and some people brought up the question about Buffalo Bill Cody in the area. I knew he had done some mining nearby, so I did some quick research and made a trip to Campo Bonito.

    Buffalo Bill held many mining claims in this area in the early 1900s. He partnered with a man named Dyer and the Campo Bonito group (sometimes called Camp Bonito or Campo Bonita). They had silver, gold, quartz and tungsten mines. Cody's tungsten mine was used to supply tungsten for Thomas Edison's electric light bulbs.

    Cody visited the area quite often and was a favorite of the locals. He played Santa Claus for 200 children of the miners in the area in 1911. The area is rich with his history.

    All that remains in the area are the mines (though not much of them), the slab and fireplace of the Campo Bonito mess hall and another building slab. That's all the history on the area I had time to scrounge up. Anyone know anything else about Cody's time in Arizona? I'm thinking about getting a book about Cody for a little research. Any recommendations?

    For more information, you can go to my website at:

    Specific direction on how to get there are coming soon!

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    A cattle tank near Campo Bonito
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    The Campo Bonito mess hall
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    Thanks for the pic's of what little is left. The info I gleaned on Buffalo Bill & his AZ stay is from the book; Annie's Guest's. Not really about Bill does does include a bit about his stay at the mine. It's a nice little slice of AZ history.

    Also read;
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    Very interesting! I hope more info surfaces. Thanks for the share.
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    Thanks for the info Vulture!

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