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Thread: Northern Nevada Ghosttowns and Mines

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    Here is what is left of lower Rochester after last summer's fire.

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    Well a little late to this party but I enjoyed the photos. Well done for a pocket camera. I've been to Elko a number of times, by plane, never had a car. Wanted to go to Deeth (which is a modern ghost town - kind of?) And also just go for a ride on the back roads looking for a tailings pile. There are some working mines in that area, but my goal was some "interesting rocks". I don't even mean anything special, just something for the window that came from Nevada.

    Part of that is a railroad interest and the tracks went that way and stopped in little stations in many of those ghost towns. The original Central Pacific route follows - kind of - the Humbolt River East towards Utah and West down to Reno/Virginia City.

    Have you ever been to the Ruby Mountains in that region East of Winnemucca?

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