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Thread: New NW member here!

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    Default New NW member here!

    hi guys I didn't see a special introduction type thread so I'm putting this out there.

    I'm new to ghost towning, my boyfriend and I are into finding old ghost towns, mines, and other random abandoned americana. I put this on my profile but we've explored a few places in OR and WA.

    Roslyn WA
    Cle Elum WA
    Blewett WA
    Bordeaux WA
    Elk City OR

    Tried to get to the old Tye/Wellington tunnel but I drive a Nissan Versa so in the snow it didn't happen.
    We also tried to get to Valsetz OR recently but again the snow foiled us. We explored a bit of Elk City OR and the cemetery was beautiful. Pix to come probably

    We are just getting frustrated with OLD information. I got the idea to search for an active forum to get recent information. I hope you guys can help and if we can help even better!

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    but,now is no Snow,and second,keep us informed.With Pics please :-)

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    Welcome to the site, I look forward to seeing some photos of your ghost towning.
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