Hi, I'm Regev, and I'm new to ghost towning. I find the whole thing fascinating, but don't live in exactly an ideal place for ghost towns -- it seems very few remnants remain in a large majority of former settlements in Illinois, but I remain persistent and optomistic!

I am currently in central Illinois and will soon be venturing to Cairo (which is not dead but certainly rotting away in spots!), and would love to know if there are other spots in the are that are worth seeing (meaning: some remnant of there being a town is still there!).

I have tried using Wikipedia (and coordinates) and Google Maps to take a look at former settlements and, while I see some structures, I can't tell if they are from the town prior, or are new structures that are part of a reincorporated area.

I'm particularly interested in Sylvan, IL. Again, I see some structures but am not sure what they may be from the aerial map. Has anyone explored this area?

I find Horace to be particularly interesting, even if it will need to be another trip. There is a picture of a mercantile up on the Ghost Towns website that I can't seem to locate using Google Maps. Is it now gone? Any info here would be fantastic.