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    Default Johnnie & Sheila

    Got a phone call from Johnnie this morning. Johnnie & Sheila are still around and Johnnie been trying to login with no success. Sheila fell Easter Sunday and broke her hip so Johnnie is care mode and tethered close to home.

    Laura - Johnnie wonder if you were still lurking?
    Todd - Any help for Johnnie in getting him back on to

    Johnnie does have an email but he doesn't check it that often (every week or so) and maybe less now that he has Sheila to care for.
    I have his phone number as well - Area Code 626.

    Any of Johnnie's friends can PM me and I'll send ya the information - I don't twitter or facebook and neither does Johnnie or Sheila. Let's get our good ghosttowning buddy back on this forum.
    Yet Another Bob

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    Great to hear they are both okay, it's been a long time since I seen Johnnie online and I was wondering where he was. Sorry to hear about Sheila. Hope she gets better soon. Please send them my best wishes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    Laura - Johnnie wonder if you were still lurking?
    Yep, I'm still lurking. I haven't posted much lately, most of the places we're going recently have been returns to places I've posted before....don't want to get redundant.
    I'm so sorry to hear about Sheila, I wish her a speedy recovery as well.
    Bob, perhaps if you write to Todd directly he would be able to help. Johnnie had this problem before and got it resolved but I don't recall how he was able to do it.
    Perhaps he could log on as a new member until he can get the situation fixed.
    Todd's email is :
    Hope this helps!

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