Hello, I'm looking for someone to come to the hamlet of Tory Hill, Ontario K0L 2Y0 located on the shores of McCue lake to interview & record the history of the town from the last few older folks who have lived here all of their lives, one being in his nineties.
Tory Hill years ago was a small town comprising of... 4 stores each having their own gas pump; 1 bay Esso gas station; post office; boardinghouses; head office, station, work sheds & sidings for the IB & O Railroad; 1 room school (tore down this past June, now an ambulance station); blacksmith shop; community hand dug well & hand pump (still being used); United Church & home; Orange Hall; 3 saw mills; cheese factory; Dept of Highways garage & office; municipal garage & office; homes & shanties for the workers & their families around the lake.
In the out laying area where dairy farms, logging companies, some with their own potable mills, & lots of mines (some being right in town). I've heard that at one time over 800 people lived & worked in the area.
Most of the town is gone now. The church, orange hall & stores are now homes. The railroad corridor is a year round walking/snowmobile trail. Most of the farms are all grown up.
Why this town is located where it is because of the junction of the roads from Bancroft to Haliburton & the other one heading along the Irondale River to Gooderham & on south & west. In places you can still find the original highways.
I can supply names, addresses & phone numbers.
Don Outram Tory Hill 705 448-2190 email: don_outram@hotmail.com