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Thread: Wanted: Antique mining ore cart

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    Default Wanted: Antique mining ore cart

    Wanted: Antique mining ore cart with track (if available). I am retiring in the eastern sierra Nevada mountains. I would like to decorate my yard with mining equipment.

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    hi, my name is alan and currently i have limited access to use of computer, i live in the western sierra nevada mountains or motherlode country. Anyway if u are still looking for an ore car, i am in need of some christmas cash so lets try a better means of communication and give me a call 209-728-5673

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    I like all old Antique mining ore cart and places where we scene amazing and old times things in natural and real in condition. Now I am interested in Antique mining ore cart, Old Amusement Park or Old Farm that I could turn into a Haunted Attraction. Prefer a Ghost Town or Replica so that I could create a “Community", where the various structures would accommodate their own haunt. So if someone knows where this Antique mining ore cart is then you must tell me I really need and like to collect full information to complete my aim.
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