I took a drive a few weeks ago out to both of these places.... took a ton of pictures. Not going to kill all of you with all of the shots, but I'll post a few. I'm sure anyone who's been to Rhyolite recently knows that there are fences around most of the buildings now. The bottle house is still accessible for shots through the wires... but the station house is blocked off to the point of ruining any and all possible photo ops.

Rhyolite all in all was disappointing with all of the fences, but I still got a couple shots I really liked.

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After that, I had planned on going back home. Since I wasn't satisfied, I said screw it and decided to head further up north to Goldfield. I had driven through once in 2002 and thought it was awfully depressing (the fact that it was out in the middle of nowhere). I've read a lot about it over the years and thought it might be interesting this time around. And I was right. I could spend a couple days up there taking pictures.

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The second shot here is the old high school. It's being restored and has a fence around it. I have shots of the whole thing I might post later.