Originally posted by David A. Wright

: Stopped by Gold Point Tuesday on way through to some area ghosts. Found Herb Robbins busy adding a long addition to the back of his saloon. Floor and frame up, he and two buddies working on roof.

: The addition is being built in same fashion as the original building. Will be sided in aged lumber, shingles. He's building a stage at one end to hold his old player piano, modified with a laptop computer that holds 600+ songs in memory. I've heard the thing play and it's fun.

: I had WESTERN PLACES publisher Alan Patera and author Alan Hensher with me (GHOSTS OF THE MOJAVE DESERT), so they got to meet Herb. Alan Patera and Herb now plan on a future Gold Point issue of the monograph series books.

: We all toasted Herb's new addition with a shot of cinnamon schnapps and a beer chaser. We then continued on to Stateline to camp for the night. Next morning we toured Stateline, Oriental and Tokop.

: Have fun at Rally 2000!