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: Here is the letter to the smithsonian on the hotel. Similar stuff has gone to the DOI as well. Pls contact me if you want to help save the hotel. Likewise if you are part of a historical preservation group then please contact me: sbruce@mailcity.com


: "I am a writer and Americana expert on Goldfield, Nevada, with a considerable CV concerning the history of the town. In addition I am in contact with the Esmeralda County Supervisors concerning the historic Goldfield Hotel to assist in obtaining some disposition with respect to the future of this historic structure. The Hotel dates from 1908 and it has many historic associations - however a discussion of these associations is beyond the scope of this letter.

: The purpose of this correspondence is to establish contact with the Smithsonian Institution in an attempt to determine what interest there might be and to inform the Smithsonian with respect to certain material facts concerning the Hotel.

: The Hotel is a very large structure consisting of 154 rooms and it is situated in the heart of the Goldfield business district on the main Route 95 highway connecting the major urban areas of Las Vegas to the South and Reno to the North. This route is heavily traveled with increasing traffic as Nevadaís population increases.

: Several earlier renovation projects have left the Hotel in the following state:

: 1. Two million dollars has been spent to date totally rebuilding the foundation of the Hotel with substantial concrete pillars that unobtrusively stabilize the building.

: 2. Approximately one and one-half million dollars already spent to date renovating the entire roof area of the Hotel.

: 3. Numerous comprehensive repairs have been already undertaken to masonry, brick pointing, painting of window sashes and structures. I estimate these repairs to the exterior of the building to be ninety percent complete.

: 4. Electrical re-wiring is about fifty percent completed.

: 5. Fixtures and fittings have largely been removed in baths and toilet areas, some new baths and toilets have been fitted, and plumbing is partially restored. (Some original bath fixtures are still available for restoration and placement.)

: This historic structure has great potential with five million dollars already spent on repairs; work stopped in May of 1988. The Esmeralda County Supervisors have been looking for a buyer for the Hotel since that time.

: To this effect I have consulted with other experts in the Americana and tourism industry in an attempt to develop a feasible Business Plan that may yet salvage this historic and fascinating structure for the future heritage of our country and itís children.

: This is a high-visibility project and it has the potential to provide high-visiblity to the Smithsonian and itís efforts with respect to preserving our Western Heritage. Our preservation group has a number of ideas that may be consistent with the Smithsonianís own interests. It is my sincere hope that the Smithsonian will accept my appeal and at least explore the idea of saving this great and historic structure by opening correspondence with me. Upon receipt of confirmation of your interest I will volunteer to pursue the tireless and dedicated work necessary to establish a dialogue that may lead to preservation of the structure."