Sampson City was a new development created by Starke real estate developer Col. CL Peek in the late 1800's. The adjacent swamp from Sampson Lake was drained and the little town was born. (See the RR map from the early 1900's.)

Apparently the "Big Freeze" of 1894 and 1895 did permanent damage to the economy of the small town. The "Peggy" railroad line ran through town for anumber of years but the tracks have since been removed. The CSX line that runs through the are does date back to the time but was the competition for the "Peggy" line.

One of the only famous residents was Herb Thomas, Boston Braves baseball player, who was born in Sampson City in 1902. He played in the big leagues from 1924-1927. He passed away in Starke, FL