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    Default Douglas County, WA

    I spent the summer riding in Douglas County, WA searching out the old towns that had show on old outdated maps...

    Douglas County

    1. Farmer Off Hwy 2 and Hwy 172

    2. St. Andrews Road 6-NE between O-NE-P-NE
    Lat: 47 40' 44"N, Lon: 119 24' 51"W C

    3. Withrow

    4. Touhey Loc: Withrow 172 to Intersecting Roads: 10 and B NE. Touhey is on the south loop of connecting road.

    5. Supplee: Waterville-Douglas/ Goll Rd/2NW_before Rd F-NW

    6. Mold: Off Hwy 17 on Road 9/NE before Road S/NE C
    Lat: 47 44' 36"N, Lon: 119 19' 05"W

    7. Alstown: Hwy 2 past Douglas to Rd K-SW/Rd 3/Rd 4-SW heading SE

    8. Lamoine: Waterville North Rd NW-Lamoine Rd just past Rd H.

    9. Howard: Logan Rd North -Mud Springs Rd -DNW to just before Rd 20

    10. Dyer: From Howard Rd 20 -Rd A5 N -Rd 22.5 E - Rd A to FS 72000

    Here are some of my adventures.

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    Great pictues. Sounds like you had some great times on your bike checking all these places out. I've long thought it would be neat to get a bike and check out the back country just as you've done. There was a recent post here about a group that took backroads throughout northern Nevada.

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