Did you know that the National Forest Service has been and is planning on closing down significant amounts of National Forest roads. This began in 2005, but is just now beginning to take effect. In Arizona, the Coconino National Forest closed over 50% of their roads this year. Other National Forests in Arizona are making moves for similar actions in 2013. Many of the places we like to go explore may now be inaccessibleby vehicle.

Also, the Forest Service is going away from putting up "road closed" signs on the roads they are closing. They have moved to using Motor Vehicle Use Maps or MVUMs. These maps (which are not very details, can be difficult to use and full of mistakes) must now be on your person (or vehicle) at all times while traveling on forest service land (even on open roads). The Forest Service equates the MVUM similar to a hunting license. Large fines and possible jail time can be given for not having MVUMs.

Many areas are getting ready to publish these MVUMs. I have a few pages on my website for information on forest lands in Arizona.

MVUMs in Arizona

Road closures in Arizona

Coronado National Forest (my back yard)

This is just not an Arizona thing. Check with the Forest Service in your state to see what the status is and make your voice heard.

A video on this subject can be viewed at: http://youtu.be/0kUhLMi97dg