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Thread: Ghost town hunters in Montana and beyond

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    Default Ghost town hunters in Montana and beyond

    Originally posted by Myles Kroll

    : I'll be coming to Montana in the 3rd week of August. I'll be going to Carbon County and other true ghost towns in Montana. Can you all be my ghost town hunter friends with me and to saw me around. OK. If you are interested, please email me ASAP. OK. I would like to hear from you all. OK. Bye all.

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    Hey there.

    The sure-best Ghost Towns in the south of MT are Hillsboro, Ewing-Snell Ranch, Washoe, and even Bearcreek. If you visit Washoe ect., you might as well visit Silesia and Rockvale to the north. Maps and photos are on's MT page.
    Ryan Hill.

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