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: : i was just wondering if the snow is starting to melt around the Aurora and Masonic area?

: If you are thinking about going into Aurora through Bodie, the roads into Bodie are still closed - snow. You can always check road conditions at http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/roadinfo/do9map.htm. Also, if you are thinking about getting to Aurora from Bodie, you may not need 4wd (it will help), but the road between the Nevada State Line and the road from Hawthorne is not maintained, is rough, requires slow driving, and high clearance. It's a little misleading because the road right up to the state line is a great dirt road. You know when you've crossed the border, though.

: Road to Masonic is easy 2wd from CA State Hwy 182. Also, if you go to Aurora from Hawhtorne, the roads are pretty easy, right up to the last pitch into Aurora - requires high clearance.