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: The reason I say I am not an expert is because when I

: went to olinghouse I had my mother(86)with me and was

: unable to get out and nose around. I drove through

: the town and there were some old shacks, a couple of

: old guys who were either mining or squatting.At the

: top of the town there was a minor mining operation

: which I think was alive. There were a couple of keep

: out signs on individual shacks and I think at the

: mine. I also saw several prospects not being worked.

: I think there was a stream running along the left of

: the road going in. The road was good.So now you know

: the extent of my expertise.

: : : do make it Sat. or the following Sun(4-22) at 1pm

: : : or earlier. We could not come on Sat. 4-21 as Eric

: : : has school. Hope this will fit in with the other

: : : attendees. We will also have children. 2 vehicles.

: : : Furthermore I have been to Olinghouse but I am far

: : : from an expert on this area.

: : Lynda-

: : Thanks for the input, I have sent a mailing out to everyone again trying to coordinate the date and time, this is difficult with so many people, of course I want you all to come on the trip and doing everyhting I can to assure as many as possible to be able to attend. Additionally, Ijust figured since you had been to Olinghouse, and many of us have not that does make you the resident expert....chuckle. Any insight information about the town and how it is layed out from your memories would be appreciated thanks so much.