Hi everyone!
Im a super newbie so bear with. i was hopping someone out there had any suggestions for me. I've had this book for quite some time. Its called Cloth of Gold and it's by Thomas Aldrich. Its from the late 1800s and Its always been my knowledge to have had some sort of stamp or prior owners sticker inside. However, today I decided to finally get around to putting a few of my Antique book collections on Ebay. This led to closer examination of the above mentioned "markings." LONG story longer I soon discovered that this particular book belonged to the Virginia Miners' Union Library. It took me[a few but figured out it must be Virginia City, NV. I was curious to know if anyone has any info or can point me towards learning more about the previous owners. I have been unsuccessful in locating anything about the Virginia Miners' Union Library. The book is immaculate for being published in 1874. Perhaps its just me getting ahead of myself and my excitement making me partial. But Im wondering whom else would think it was as nifty as I? Maybe a mining museum, or historical preservation society? Any suggestions? Name:  P9290106.jpg
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