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Thread: Anyone Ever Go Into Abandoned Mines?

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    Nope, I still think it's too much of a risk, as these mines have been abandoned for a while, and there's rusty barrels of chemicals inside and all sorts of dangers. I wouldn't go without proper training, planning and a reliable plan outlining what to do should something occur.

    A bit over a year ago, my then roommate took the future members of his frat for an initiation into a mine, he was reluctant to tell me and my other roommate where this was, but I guessed the Senator Mine and he freaked out, because this was a "top secret" mission and no one knew, and obviously I somehow found out (this happened right after they came back). Yep, 15 or so frat boys went inside the Senator Mine, without telling anyone outside their community (everyone who knew was part of the trip) right in the middle/in between a snow storm, with no reliable communications (phones don't always work around there) and God knows what kind of substances were being consumed in this ceremony. Apparently something happened inside and they pretty much ran back outside, dropping a couple phones in the process (which quickly sank into that oatmeal-like muddy standing water inside the mine.

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    In 1969 I went into a mine in MERCUR,UT.It sloped downward.I went a ways and felt funky,backed out.Less than a year later,it seems now,a father and son died in the same mine from poison gas further down.During same time frame,several people went with me into the big mine portal at OPHIR,Ut. I was in front,walking on the ties of the mine car track.Found a lot of artifacts.I shown my flashlight down at one point and saw that there was no ground below the tracks.Backed out to solid ground and got out of there.I was fairly freaked by that and never went into an actual derelict mine after that.BE CAREFUL! Of course now the site of Mercur just doesn't exist and Ophir just isn't "abandoned" anymore.

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    First Post here. Just retired from a career in and around mines and can tell you its not for everyone. Been in some scary ones and down deep to collect water samples. The adits near the Harvard and Crystaline mines in Toulumne County Ca were especially scary. Was about the last to see them and the gloryhole before the canadians blew them up and dug them out as part of the Jamestown Mine project. Even now the mines are still claiming lives:

    It was my job to visit (and sample) almost every abandoned (and active mine) in the Southern Gold country and was really nice to have fun and get paid for it. I actually live above an abandoned gold mine and can look out over one thats closed but not abandoned.

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    We did go into two, one ended up being filled with water & the other didn't go very far & was filled with bats. I don't think I would go into one too far in unless it had a fair amount of... I guess reviews or discussions on the internet to look over. We go spelunking every once in a while & always research what we're going to be running into so we're prepared.

    I would love to explore a mine like the one The Privy Man did in NE Pennsylvania!

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    I have and will continue to go in abandoned mines, We go in each with headlamps, mine is 1,600 lumens so I have plenty of light, we each have atleast one flashlight with plenty of batteries. NEVER GO ALONE, and always let someone know where you are and when you should be back. At the very least I send a GPS ping from my iPhone to a friend. I don't have a helmet yet but am looking at climbing helmets. If there are signs of collapse I don't continue because if it has collapsed in the past it can again. OH YEAH, watch your head, who knows what kind of creepy crawlies are up there and you don't want to stick your head through a rotten timber and have the entire mountain come down on you.


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