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: Today, due to an act of cowardice on the part of those without regaurd for the sanctity human life, I was put on level 3 alert in my unit. I thought that my war had already been fought. I thought that I already knew every face that would visit me in the night. I thought that of my transgressions against humanity, that I just might be able to forgive myself for what I had to do in the name of duty, and build a new life as a civilian, a husband, and a father. It seems I was in error. Please join me in my prayer that the loss of thousands of lives today, the lives of men, women, and children will not be in vain. May their loss be a lesson, never forotten by humanity. May God forgive us for our lack of humanity and dignity when we needed it most.I pray for the souls of those who died today in a moment of inhumanity. I pray for those who survived the blast, as well as the friends and families of those who have gone before us to an existance where the only real answers can be found. I pray for the safety of our leaders, those who are led, and our soldiers who will risk their lives to protect our nation from ever seeing this kind of waste of life again. May we all find that the ghosttowns, with wich we have a fascination, do not suddenly have new cities to call their peers. Amen