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Thread: Cajon Pass Ghost Highway (Old Route 66 California)

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    Default Cajon Pass Ghost Highway (Old Route 66 California)

    Leaving San Bernardino US 66 passes through Muscoy and Devore before heading into the Cajon Pass. At this point I125 merges with Interstate 15 and most of the original surface portion of US 66 is gone save for a couple slices on the exits of Cajon Pass namely between Kenwood and Cleghorn Road. Between these two exits there is a 6 mile section of US 66 that is still drivable along Cajon Boulevard. This 6 mile stretch is the remains of the four lane portion of US 66 that used climb through the Cajon Pass itself, only one side is drivable the other blocked off. At the intersection with Kenwood is a large dirt mound that blocks another section of the Ghost Highway. At Cleghorn Road the Ghost Highway is razed before it reaches I15 but provides a great view of the trains coming down Cajon Pass. My understanding is that there are several more broken portions of the Ghost Highway scattered throughout the Cajon Pass. Cajon Pass is an approximately 4,000 foot mountain pass through San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains. The Pass is somewhat infamous for being difficult with steep grades even for modern I15. The current I15 portion has truck lanes for slower vehicles that have a difficult time climbing the Pass.

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    Yup, as a kid my family used to take that road in our '53 Nash to San Bernardino from our home east of Apple Valley. My Dad was a heavy equipment operator and worked on the construction of the current freeway that replaced the old road, in the late 1960s if I remember correctly.

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