Just outside 29 Palm, CA on CA62 there is a sign leading into the Mojave that says pretty clearly what you are in for "No Services 100 miles." That 100 miles leads to Vidal Junction near the Arizona border. About 74 miles in there appears to be the ruins of an old Union 76 station along with a fence row with a lot of old abandoned shoes. I stopped by last week and found several building foundations and evidence of home construction. I did some research and discovered this is what is left of Rice, CA. Its not really clear when Rice was founded but what is known that sometime before 1942 the Army bought out the airstrip and reformed into the Rice Army Airfield. The Rice Army Airfield is notable as one of the finalists for the Trinity Test...the first nuclear bomb test which, ultimately went to White Sands. Gradually the town dwindled down to nothing and was abandoned by about 1960. The only thing remainng active was the Union 76 gas station which, shut down in the 70s. When Rice became a ghost town apparently it became notable for the Rice Shoe Tree which, was burned down in 2003. Now people throw their old shoes on the fencing installed after the fire. Apparently Rice was also in Fast and the Furious movie too...
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