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Thread: Anderson Mill, Az and signs that maybe you should have stayed home (part 1)

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    Default Anderson Mill, Az and signs that maybe you should have stayed home (part 1)

    After this forum crashed for about a month or so a while back, I thought it was gone for good and began looking for a new forum (which I found), and I haven't been posting too much (trying to see if it was stable again). It seems to have come back, so I thought I may start to post again (though I am still have intermintant problems). Here's a trip that I took while the site was down. I went on a two day camping trip to visit Anderson Mill, Big Reef Mill and a few other sites in the area northwest of Phoenix, Arizona.

    I posted this on the Explore Forums Ghost Town site. I am not going to repost the entire thing here (since this site limits the number of photos to four or five). You can see the entire post at:

    Don’t you sometimes wish you would get some kind of sign that what you’re about to do isn’t a good idea?

    “Here’s your sign”

    I was thinking about signs last weekend as I was driving north out of Tucson, gnashing my teeth to ward off the pain in my neck and adjusting the heating pad I had hooked up to an inverter in my Jeep. About six weeks ago, due to increased back problems, my functional neurologist told me that if I wanted to have any hope at staying out of a wheelchair and not peeing in a bag when I reached 60, I had to stop all mountain biking, hiking (at least anything difficult) and of course four-wheeling.

    I guess all doctors have the right to their opinion. So I went to another to see if I liked his opinion better. My orthopedic surgeon did have a different view on things. It was something like, “Hey, it’s no problem. When you get in so much pain you can’t walk, feel your legs or pee anymore, stop by, I’ll put you under the knife and fix you right up. Go do what you want to do and give me a call when you break something.”

    I liked his opinion better than my first doctor, but I had to remember to put it into proper perspective. I’ve already had two back surgeries and I wasn’t sure I wanted another one (even if he did need a new BMW). Plus, this was the doctor who I went mountain biking with 6 weeks after my last surgery. He wanted me to show him and his friends The Chutes. I asked him if he thought it was too soon for me. “What could go wrong?” he said, “Besides, if something bad does happen, I’m your surgeon. I’ll be right there with you.”

    Anyway, back to the signs. We had a total of four signs that this camping trip may not be a good idea.

    Sign one: I had taken half the previous week off from work due to severe pain in my neck, back, shoulder and arm and wasn’t sure if I could (or should) go out four-wheeling and camping.

    Sign two: Friend 1 also hurt his back during the week.

    Sign three: Friend 2 got sick with a cold and possible strep throat during the week.

    Sign four: Friend 2’s young son was diagnosed with strep throat on Thursday (but was feeling better than Friend 2).

    And that was the crew going camping…

    That’s a lot of signs. Maybe it would be best to play it safe and pay attention to all the signs. Then again, no one has ever called me “smart” and when the weather showed it was going to be perfect, I just had to go.
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    I haven't seen Castle Hot Springs in about ten years since I had a 4WD Chevy Silverado. I was wondering about the grade conditions of Castle Hot Springs road, I didn't think it was worth the chance to do in a car unfortunately before I moved. I'm surprised that Castle Hot Springs isn't a state park, but then again Arizona can't keep the parks they have open half the time anyways. That bill they had last about declaring eminent domain on federal property was a joke, who was going to manage if it passed? Great history though, I just hope the urban sprawl of Phoenix and Peoria doesn't swallow everything up.

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