On a trip down to Miami recently I noticed something odd just south of US 27 near the Lake Okeechobee town of South Bay. When I drove by on my way to Miami I noticed a road head just to the south of US 27 signed (Old US 27). The road could be clearly seen from lack of a tree line due to a farm land, it looked like it may have been a main drive of a town given the similarities to road bypasses out west. Turns out there actually was a town on what is no Old US 27 called Bean City.

Apparently Bean City was founded in the early 1920s before Lake Okeechobee was surrounded by levies. The town obviously was a farm town given the self-explanatory name. All the original buildings in Bean City were wiped out during the 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane and had to be completely rebuilt. Most of the buildings left are from the early 1930s when Bean City was rebuilt and reached its peak population. Bean City had a Post Office until the early 1970s but has gradually dwindled with time. Given how the new four lane section of US 27 bypasses the town to the north I suspect the realignment might be responsible for driving the town under. The city limits of South Bay actually surround Bean City on two sides. This is one of the few traces of the Bean City town site, left albeit on paper.

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